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Gov. Rauner has announced another set of unilateral cuts the administration plans to implement. Child care is among the programs that would be impacted. His administration announced that Illinois families accessing the Child Care Assistance Program would be subject to increased co-payments, suspended enrollment, and required background checks on relatives who provide care. If implemented, this would drive up costs for working parents and jeopardize access to child care – including access for school age children.

Illinois Action for Children’s reaction is here, and here is a Chicago Tribune article describing this action as the latest in political tit-for-tat and a part of Rauner’s efforts to revive a set of his non-budget related policy priorities.

Let the Governor and your state legislators know that Illinois youth and families are worth the investment. Call or send an email today asking policymakers to avoid cuts and choose revenue!

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Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 12.16.52 PMAs of July 1, the state has stopped funding vital services for children, families, and communities. Providers have already been forced to cut off families from vital services and eliminate essential jobs. Some have closed their doors.

Budgets are choices.  It’s time for politicians to choose Illinois children, families, and communities.

What can we do?

We can tell lawmakers to choose to stand up for Illinois by choosing revenue –not cuts to children, families, and communities– to close the budget hole.

1) Call your lawmaker toll free at 1-844-311-CUTS (1-844-311-2887). Tell them to choose revenue because Illinois families need a year-long, fully funded budget now.

2) Email your lawmaker and the Governor by entering your information at the link below.


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