Teen REACH has a “Statutory Home!”

SB 2407 was sent to the governor on June 24th and signed into law on July 29th! Congratulations to all the programs and advocates that worked hard for this to happen. Public Act 099-0700 protects the well-established and vital Teen REACH program in statute.

Codifying Teen REACH is good for all after-school programs.  Teen REACH is the only statewide after-school program supported through competitive grants. There are always more programs in need of funding than there are Teen REACH dollars to fund them. Creating a statutory home for Teen REACH is an essential first step in ensuring access to the high-quality Teen REACH program and providing a gateway to funding for other programs in need.

It does the following:

  • Establishes by law the outcomes the program must address, such as improving educational performance; life skills; parental education; recreation, sports, cultural, and artistic activities; developing positive adult mentors; and providing service learning opportunities
  • Helps clarify the intent of the existing budget line item which includes Teen REACH and sustains the longevity of this crucial program

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